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Best Odds For F1 Betting At N1Bet 

Formula 1 is one of the most famous motorsports, as evidenced by the millions of viewers that watch the game in real life or tune in on their TV set. This is no surprise, as F1 races pack many awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping moments. To take the formula 1 experience up a notch, many fan places bet to make money on the side.

N1Bet is the best site to stake on F1 races. We pride ourselves in providing competitive and high odds that enable players to make huge returns with little deposits. The F1 odds are wide-ranging and may go from 1.01 to 100 on a single event to over 1000 during express bets.

The odds available here are not just high; our F1 betting section also covers a wide array of events, which increase the punters’ choice. Typically, a player can wager on their favorite F1 athlete to win the race, the winner’s nationality, the player to win the overall championship, etc.

This bookmaker also boasts intriguing Formula 1 betting bonuses and promos such as risk-free stakes and free bets for new players or the reload offer for returning clients. F1 betting bonuses spice up the player experience while helping them increase profits.

Register on N1 Bet Sportsbook to enjoy the best F1 odds across various tournaments!

F1 Betting Opportunities

f1 betting at N1 Bet There is a long list of stake types to choose from on N1Bet. But please note that only races at the qualifier stage and primary event count for real money. With that out of the way, here are 5 of the most common F1 odds for our customers:

  1. To-Win
  2. Driver Matchup
  3. Podium Finish
  4. Pole Position
  5. Future Bet

To-Win Bet: This F1 bet involves betting on the overall winner of a race. Suppose a player feels that Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen or any other driver will win a race; our site allows them to predict the winner for a chance to win a decent return. The to-win bet may look quite simple; however, the odds may be as high as 100 odds for the underdogs.

Driver Matchup Bet: In this option, the punter gets to forecast who would win between two drivers. The wager is relatively safe, as the bettor will draw from both drivers’ historical performance and head-to-head record to make their decision. When a punter places this kind of stake, their primary concern is the performance of the two drivers; everything else barely matters.

Podium Finish Bet: In most sporting events, three players get called up to the podium at the end of the tournament, and these are the players/teams that take the first, second and third positions. The podium finish bet in formula 1 betting involves predicting the driver that will climb the podium at the end of the tournament. The punter gets to win if their selection takes one of positions 1 to 3

Pole Position Bet: This wager involves staking on the player to claim the pole sitter spot in a race. Usually, five fast players are drawn in a race during the qualifier/heat stage, and the winner of the race takes the front of the grid during the primary race. If the driver a player selects comes first during the heat, the punter wins the bet.

Future Bet: This involves betting on long-term events, e.g., the athlete or team to win the overall championship, the country claiming the championship cup, the team to make it to the podium, etc. On N1Bet, future stakes often extend to the end of the tournament and have a high coefficient.

F1 Live Betting

f1 championship odds at N1 BetN1Bet offers punters the chance to place F1 bets at their convenience. On this site, players can either stake on pre-match or live events. In a pre-match bet, punters will book their ticket before the race starts, while live wagers involve staking on a match already in progress.

The live bet is a big deal among F1 betting enthusiasts, not least because players have live data to make better decisions, but they can also combine as many odds as they like, just like in a pre-match stake. Here, punters can place live bets on single and multiple events. Furthermore, those that want to max out their stake can participate in a system bet by wagering on several matches. In multiple and system live bets, the ticket must tick green for all the entries for the punter to win.

F1 Championship Odds

N1Bet has great Grand Prix and F1 championship odds. As such, players can wager on this site knowing they have immense winning potential.

Since we use the usual American odd format and place odd next to the market, most punters will have no difficulty mastering how the odd works. Each odd starts at +1.01 and may be as high as +1000 or more, depending on the event.

Still, what does odd mean? Well, it showcases the chances of an event occurring. An event with low positive odds is likelier, while those with high positive odds are unlikely to occur. To simplify further, the underdogs tend to have higher positive odds, while the favorite team will have low odds.

The odds can also reflect the winning potential or the amount of money punters get to win when they stake on a specific event. Say an F1 game has +100 odds. This means that if the punter stake $50 on the event, then they will cash out $100 ($50 profit +$50 stake)

As a sportsbook, we ensure that our odds are competitive and guarantee a quick payout when a player wins.

F1 Promotions and Bonuses

f1 bets at n1 betN1Bet features exciting promotional offers that give punters more credit to play with. This promo varies from time to time, but here are the four most common types:

  • Welcome Package
  • Enhanced Odds
  • F1 Specific Bonus

Welcome Bonus: As part of the welcome bonus, N1Bet assigns risk-free and free bets to players, which they can stake on their favorite sport. The risk-free bet is small (e.g., $10) but doesn’t require any initial deposit. The FS welcome bonus comes in the form of extra credit added on top of the main deposit when the player makes their first few deposits.

Enhanced Odds: This special bonus boosts the game odds, enabling the punter to earn more than the usual reward. For example, if a game’s odds are enhanced from 3/1 to 7/2, players make $7 per $2 stake.

F1 Specific Promo: This offer comes in the form of a free bet, risk-free bet, cashback, or welcome bonus and is credited to the punter’s F1 betting account, which only applies to Formula 1 bets.