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Best Odds for American Football Betting at N1Bet

American football is the most popular sport played in the U.S. Naturally, American football betting is extremely popular among punters within and without the U.S. One of the best places for it is N1 Bet.

It is a leading gaming site that provides a safe platform for punters to explore the potential of American football betting. Several online bookmakers offer gambling services, but N1Bet sets itself apart with its offering of premium bonuses and betting odds.

Indeed, N1 Bet has a reputation for being one of the best bookies with unbeatable american football odds for tomorrow.

American Football Bet Types

american football bettingN1Bet readily offers the best markets for fans looking to make winnings from betting on the American football NFL. Here are some of the most popular types of American football bets.

Conference Winner

With this type of American football bet, gamers stake on a college in a certain conference that they think will be the conference winner. It essentially means betting between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). A punter can wager based on the records of the previous year.

Division Winner

Each conference in the American football NFL has four divisions-North, East, West, and South. Punters who explore this type of American football betting try to predict the winner of each division at the end of each season.

Super Bowl Winner

Players who prefer this type of bet place their stake on the team that they think will win the Super Bowl at the end of the season.


This type of American football bet is pretty popular among greenhorn punters or gamers who don’t want to do too much work. The reason is that all these punters have to do is wager on the winner of the next match.

Point Spread

With american football spread betting, a gamer is expected to predict the team that wins the next match and the score line.


With the Totals stake, players place their money on whether they think the total score of both teams combined by the end of the match is over or under a specified number. If there is a tie resulting in overtime, the scores earned in overtime do not affect the bet.


This type requires a gamer to fulfill two conditions before they can claim wins. The conditions can be based on different games or the same game.


This type of betting is extremely complicated, as it is something of a parlay and an altered point spread. 


With this bet, punters stake on the players to do a specific thing. So, for instance, they can bet on the player with the most touchdowns.

First to Be Drafted

Players who play this stake wager on the first player to be picked for the year’s draft. In most cases, N1Bet presents odds with the name of players that are most likely to be picked for the draft.

Super Bowl Betting

The NFL’s Super Bowl is the most-watched sports event in the U.S. It also happens to be the most bet-on annual sporting event, with billions of dollars placed in stakes all over the year.

N1 Bet Sportsbook has made wagering easy for players by offering some of the best SuperBowl 2022 odds. All punters have to do is sign up with N1 Bet, find out our markets available, and place their favorite Super Bowl betting picks.

Live betting is available at N1 Bet, like most leading sportsbooks in the industry. In other words, punters can place stakes in the middle of the game while it is being played. Since the Super Bowl betting odds are constantly moving in-play, users on this site can bet on more odds than the ones available before the game.

Depending on the flow of a game, Super Bowl live betting allows gamblers to wager on the point spread, moneyline, and project total of a game. Bettors, who opt for the live option, don’t have to be locked into the wagers they placed before the game or at halftime.

Instead, a punter can hedge an initial wager by investing in a new line with betting odds that are based on the current status of the game.

Betting Odds for NFL

betting odds for nfl at N1 BetUsers of this platform can find some of the best odds for the NFL as long as they abide by the rules of this site. Some available NFL bet odds include:

NFL Moneyline Odds

A lot of gamers who are into American football betting are always looking to exploit staking on an NFL Moneyline. And that’s because it is the easiest line to read.

NFL Point Spread Odds

This type of NFL bet odds involves detailed odds that are based on in-depth sports analysis. American football spread betting is an extremely popular way to read and stake on NFL Odds. NFL Odds in an NFL Point Spread are given in a standard – 110 format, with some spreads being represented by whole numbers, like +/- 8.

If a tie with a full number occurs, a ‘push bet’ results. The wager becomes void and the wagered money is returned.

NFL Totals and Over/Under Odds

The odds for the NFL Totals and Over/Under betting are the same thing because NFL Totals focus on the scoreline instead of the team that wins. As such, the lines and odds keep changing in the course of the game. It is only at the end of the game that both teams’ total scores are added to fix the final Totals betting line.

American Football Live Bet

To explore American football live events on N1 Bet, all the player has to do is click on the “Other Sports” option on the left-hand side of the website’s landing page.

A cascade of options is shown, and the player can click on “American Football”. The user is then directed to the appropriate webpage of the platform, where a full list of the website’s in-play markets will appear.

All that the punter needs to do next is to click on the preferred match, select an offer and place their stakes.

Online Top American Football Betting Tips

american football nfl at N1betGamblers should always remember that markets do not consider overtime unless otherwise stated. If any delays disrupt the game, all markets remain unsettled and the trading will be continued as soon as the match continues.

Upon receiving an incorrect score that significantly impacts price or odds, the bookmaker reserves the right to void betting (more than 89 seconds).

Other situations where this platform can void betting include wrong scores or teams being displayed, or the case of abandoned or postponed matches.

A note to punters is that markets will be settled in a manner consistent with TV inserts and official association statistics unless there is clear evidence to the contrary.

It is also important to remember that all offered players are considered as runners and if there are no further touchdowns, the market will be voided. Note that a touchdown is credited as a first down only when the offense scores a touchdown.